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[S] Zohnster Survivor: The Australian Outback

Another season of Zohnster Survivor in the air and we travel to Australia where we will follow the battle for survival and the achievement of 1 million dollars.


Kucha Tribe
Inez Sabrillo, 22, swimsuit model (made by u/swoldow)
Inez was born in San Diego with the blessing and the curse of being an early bloomer, who was known in high school for having the perfect body. This led her to be sought after by numerous guys, all of which she turned down because they solely liked her due to looks. Despite having a job where she sexualizes herself daily, she wants to use survivor to find the one guy who likes her for more than her body, and settle down with him as a happy couple. She will be loyal to anyone, until they turn on her, and an angry, meaner Inez takes her place.
Shawn "The Syncopation" Voldoski, 23, drummer (made by u/swoldow)
The Syncopation is a behemoth in the music industry, as his band Phantom Kage is critically acclaimed by teens of all ages due to the rebellious nature of the group. That rebellion came easy for him, as he was born and raised in poverty, his mother walked out on him at a young age, and he was left to live his vulnerable teenage years with an abusive, alcoholic bum of a father, who made sure his life would be miserable. Music was what saved his life, as he related to the pain expressed in punk and metal music, and learned to drum on the down-low, and snuck out to join a band in high school. He ran away from home at the age of 17 to live with his band's singer, whose father just so happened to own a record label. His band recorded their first EP, and The Syncopation's fame skyrocketed. Now in his early twenties, you could barely recognize the abused impoverished kid who started the group. Adopting his stage persona, 'The Syncopation' as a full identity, he has grown reckless and vile, and is addicted to fame like it's a drug. As a result, he has become a master at manipulation, using higher-ups in the music industry to turn his label into a multi-million dollar operation, blackmailing venues into giving him gigs, flirting with, cheating on, and manipulating many female songwriters and singers into doing his bidding, and now has many huge faces in the industry feeding from his hand. He plans to run the game the same way, and dominate the game no matter how many backs he has to stab.
Adrian Blair, 28, casino chain owner (made by u/UltDragon)
Owning a business is never easy and to make it in this world you have to stab a few backs. This is what Adrian was told about owning a business growing up. Adrian will use every advantage to win and should not be trusted. Adrian plans on donating the million as he has no use for it.
Darci Crossley, 41, radiologic technologist (made by u/Nahuelfire39)
Darci Crossley is a fairly competitive woman. She was born in a medium sized house in London, England. She only has her mother Betty Crossley, as her father abandoned her mother when he found out she was pregnant. When she was a teenager, she watched an Australian show called "It's A Knockout!" and has since become a fan of the show. Yellow is Darci's favorite color because of Queensland (QSD). Darci accepts challenges for fun, although she can be too competitive. Darci and his mother traveled to the United States for a life and for Darci to have a job, and he did, as a Radiologic Technologist.
Crustino Agelero, 31, carnival carney (made by u/Ripecornball60)
Rusty was born to a family known for there car sales. Rusty, being the black sheep of the family found out a better way to scam. Scamming children! When his school went to the local carnival, he scammed his fellow students out of there spending money, and used it on himself. Fascinated by the carnival, Rusty decided to scam someone out of a carney station, where he rigged the games to his favor. With people beginning to become suspicious of his actions, Rusty has come onto Survivor to gain more money.
Kade Briganski, 22, beachfrontstore clerk (made by u/chia923)
After being raised in an orphanage, Kade quickly became associated with a bad group of people. He eventually made a lot of bad decisions, one of which led to his tattoo. After a brief prison stay, he eventually turned his life around. He hopes that this experience can prove to the world that he is strong.
Fabia Oakland, 61, full time grandmother
Lover of her calm life and of her grandchildren who visit her every day, Fabia is a simple and happy person with life. It does not have strong physical aspects so it conquers with the cooking that it does.

Ogakor Tribe
Roseanna "Rosie" Steen, 21, diver (made by u/CapybaraWookiee)
Rosie has always loved the water. Born to parents who are the children of Guatemalan immigrants, she wants to make a name for herself. She is already a semi-pro diver, and her dream is to make the U.S Olympic diving team. Another one of her dreams? Competing on Survivor, and winning the money, as she is a superfan of the show.
Jasper Bishop, 28, economist (made by u/CapybaraWookiee)
Jasper is good with numbers. That is why he decided to become an economist so that he can work with numbers, and do what he is good at. He always puts 110% into everything he does. That is why he thinks he will be good at the game because he doesn’t quit easily, no matter the circumstances.
Griffyn Wright, 20, fast food cook (made by u/chia923)
After failing his college entrance exams, Griffyn went into a low-paying job to earn what he could. He wants to prove that he is a strong competitor by coming into this game and the money could help him financially. He is squeamish around water as he almost drowned as a child.
Adelyn White, 27, event planner (made by u/TDSwaggyBoy)
Adelyn wouldn't consider herself to be "special" in any way. She's just.. herself. She was born to a middle class family, grew up in a loving environment and was taught to always love and respect others, rules that she now lives by. Meeting her eventual husband when she was three years old, Adelyn's family was always close with the family of Jay - Who was now 28, working as an engineer. The two were best friends for as long as Adelyn can remember, and she hopes to win this money for the both of them.
Carter Haynes, 24, barista (made by u/TDSwaggyBoy)
Carter had a rough childhood. Ever since he was a child, Carter had to work part time jobs to help his lower class family. Being the eldest of three kids, Carter also had to help his parents with taking care of said siblings, as neither parent really had the time to do so. Carter always managed to get through, though. No matter how hard life had seemed, Carter continued to fight and continued to survive. And in a game like SURVIVOR, that's exactly what you need. He now works as a part-time barista and a full time artist. That's his dream - be like Van Gogh, Picasso, etc. He hopes that this game might help him out with said dream.
Zoey Williams, 22, game designer (made by u/UltDragon)
Zoey was always a creative person and she loves to express herself. However, since being an artist is risky and you have to be very successful in order to make a good living off of it, she decided instead to get a job as a game designer. She is here to get out of her comfort zone and to (maybe) win the thing.
Marcelino "Rock" McGeorge, 29, tango dancer (made by u/Nahuelfire39)
Despite his Spanish nationality, Marcelino was born in the United States, hence his American last name. His father is American while his mother is Spanish, therefore Marcelino can speak both English and Spanish. Marcelino prefers to be nicknamed "Rock" because he doesn't like his real name and because he thinks that way he will be more respected. Marcelino works as a Tango dancer for major shows such as children's shows; but when he is already a professional dancer, he wants to be a dance teacher. Marcelino can be conceited, flirtatious, competitive, calm and audacious.
Estelle Noir, 19, barista/aspiring actor (made by u/Ripecornball60)
Estelle was born into a low class, yet loving family. When she was younger, all she wanted was stardom, and always wanted to go into the big city and work as an actor. Her parents disapproved of this, despite her really wanting to move. The only reason why she stayed was to keep her relationship with her boyfriend Wendell alive. At the age of 18, she found Wendell sleeping with another woman, and she promptly ran away, not seeing any reason to stay anymore. In New York, Estelle was homeless, only to be picked up by Garret, a Starbucks manager. Garret offered her a job to keep her on her feet, and she has worked there for 1 year now. During her breaks, she goes to auditions all across the city to try to get an acting job, only to fail. She is coming onto Survivor in order to gain self-confidence and recognition.


My thoughts:
A good season with good participants. I preferred Borneo, but I liked some relationships here in that game. The Borneo simulator was much easier to work with, it showed several things that I managed to put better in the written episodes, since I had to think more about what to do to create the summaries. But it was cool and the victory deserved for Carter who has a second aspect of the game, very different from Jamal who worked more in social. I am hoping that Africa will give us a simulator with more surprises with the first swap of the game.
Winner: Carter Haynes
Deserves to return: Jasper, Zoey, Rosie, Griffyn, Fabia, Adrian, Melly, Sync

Leave your opinions about the game below and who you think should return for another season. What do you expect for the next season? Do you have suggestions for simulators not to use? Leave everything below.
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I'm 29, still living at home, no degree, stuck at dead end job

I spent the last year living in Las Vegas,. working at a casino making good money.
In January my ex left me at my absolute lowest duri6a depresed episode and in February my landlord, her mom, decided to sell the house she was renting me.
March came and I lost my job to COVID, so I had no choice but to.move back home to San Diego with my parents.
So this is my current situation, I'm 29, living at home with my parents.
I just started a new job, a pizza place, on Monday.
It's only been one week at this job, but I'm already exhausted and burnt out. I wake up sore and achy every morning and already have a "I don't want to go to work" mindset.
The fuck is wrong with me? Why can't I just deal with it and work like everyone else?
It's like no matter what job I try I get really exhausted, physically and mentally really easily and I just dread having to deal with workplace politics and customers, etc. I'm diabetic and have neurofibromatosis, so standing on my feet and being active in front of a hot oven all day is draining on me.
I just want a quiet office/work from home job that's not taxing on me.
The problem is with no degree, not even an associate's I don't have the qualifications for anything other than these dead end fast food jobs. I've never known what aive want to do "when I grow up" I didn't know in high school, and even now I don't know what I want.
I want to go back to college, but I'm considered "out of state" student until next year because I JUST moved back to California.
I don't know what to do, any job I could realistically get is physically taxing on me and Im so tired/sick feeling on my days off it's as if they don't even happen.
How do I get out of this? I feel like I'm trapped,.I'm almost 30, living at home with no degree and no clue what I want to do.
How can I figure out what I want to do for a job/careemajor and how do I even get there when I'm stuck working so much just to survive.
I hope this all makes sense, I'm not great at articulating things and I'm feeling sick to my stomach thinking about work tonight.
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[EU-PT] [H] OVER 800 PS1/PS2 Games - Drakengard, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, Point Blank and more.. [W] PayPal, Bank Transfer[email protected]/albums/72157715276319253
Unfortunately I have to sell my game collection due to some urgent issues. Hard for me to say goodbye, but I have to. I'll leave a Flickr album here with pictures of all the games.
I'm asking for 5150€ for the entire collection, no game will be sold separately.
This is a honest collection from a game enthusiast. Shipping cost can be discussed.
EDIT: Games are mostly PAL, some are NTFS
EDIT 2: added list of games!
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[HIRING] 40 Jobs in CA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Centerline Driver CDL Class A Truck Driver Hawaiian Gardens
Centerline Driver CDL Class A Truck Driver Marina Del Rey
Centerline Driver CDL Class A Truck Driver Moorpark
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Bartender - Beverage (Part-Time) Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Assistant Shift Manager - Slots Cabazon
Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Casino Housekeeper Cabazon
Torrid Customer Insights Manager City Of Industry
Torrid Manager, Systems Engineering City Of Industry
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Lake Forest
LHC Group Physical Therapist $5,000 Bonus Redding
LHC Group Occupational Therapist $5,000 Bonus Redding
John Muir Health RN-Educator-Case Management & Social Services - Utilization Management Walnut Creek
The Save Mart Companies Pharmacy Manager (Pharmacist) Bakersfield
The Save Mart Companies Meat Manager Citrus Heights
The Home Depot Freight/Receiving Escondido
The Home Depot Cashier Lakeside
The Save Mart Companies Pharmacy Manager (Pharmacist) Lemoore
Roche Principal User Experience Designer Belmont
Ikea Temporary Warehouse Associate Base Rate $16.97 3rd Shift Lebec
Montage Health Nurse Practitioner - Palliative Care Monterey
Montage Health Nurse Practitioner Per Diem - MoGo Urgent Care Monterey
Catalyst Kids School Age Program - Teacher South Lake Tahoe
Catalyst Kids Substitute Teacher South Lake Tahoe
Catalyst Kids Preschool Program - Associate Teacher South Lake Tahoe
Northrop Grumman Principal/Sr. Principal Test Engineer CURRENT/ACTIVE CLEARANCE REQUIRED Northridge
Northrop Grumman Flight Test Engineer Palmdale
Northrop Grumman Electronics Engineer - Principal (Space/Satellite) - (Top Secret/SCI Clearance) Pasadena
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A Needed! Bell
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A - Great Home Time Big Bear
YRC Freight Truck Driver CDL A Needed! North Palm Springs
Hogan Transportation Class A CDL Car Haul Truck Drivers American Canyon
Hogan Transportation Class A CDL Car Haul Truck Drivers Angels Camp
Hogan Transportation CDL A Drivers - Car Haul - $24.00/Hour - Home Daily Angelus Oaks
Home Depot Freight/Receiving Aptos
Calpine Operator Technician II King City
Ricoh USA Legal Receptionist & Switchboard Newport Beach
Home Depot Cashier Rancho Santa Fe
Home Depot Cashier Rancho San Diego
Amerit Fleet Solutions Refrigeration Technician - 1st Shift Tracy
Reddaway Trucking Truck Driver CDL A Acampo
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ca. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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For Disguised as Friend

Foe Disguised as Friend
2016: her; 23, living with her mother, mother’s husband,brother and husband, never worked, lived in California. Me: 27, living alone in Florida, working multiple jobs and going to school.
So in 2016 I became friends with a female (we met in 2013), she was married. She would lie about her life, which considering I only had her talking in my ear; I was foolish to believe. She said her husband didn’t care about her, that she was irrelevant, unimportant, invisible. I would inquire about her family considering they lived with them and she would tell me that her family cared more about her husband than her.
My empathy and sympathy got to me and I felt bad. I experienced multiple life’s worth of pain and I had never been one to see others in pain and not try to help.
I thought our friendship had grown with time and we became friends. I considered her my best friend, but only FRIEND.
At the end of 2016 she asked me “can I ask you something without making it weird” I replied “of course” She told me “do you love me?” It took me aback, and I replied “why do you ask?” She said “because I love you” I replied “don’t say it unless you mean it”
(Before this “friend” I used to believe in “love” and that “love” actually meant something so I was extremely careful using it and never wanted people using it towards me like they do a pair of shoes or some food)
Our “friendship” was rocky - whenever there was an inconsistency, and I’d ask about it; she would ghost or stonewall.
She made me feel like she was the only one that understood me. She even told me “you’re the only one I’m 100% myself with” She learned and knew of my experiences in life and many times over she said nobody else would understand me, that her mother would never understand me.
[sorry if I’ve gone off track, let me get back]
In 2017 I pursued an opportunity with Tesla, I moved to California, when selecting where in California (San Diego or Fremont, CA) I couldn’t help but think of my best friend who I’ve grown close with, all the times she expressed pain that she experienced by her husband and family, the times she would send me pictures of her “cutting” herself. I moved to San Diego, knowing how it feels to be alone and fighting battles with no one around...
She seemed excited, tried to get me to become friends with her husband which confused me because I can’t be friends with someone that is emotionally abusing my friend; she told me many times “you have to become friends with him if you’re going to live in San Diego and to be accepted by my family” - she asked me to lie. I told her “I can’t be friends with someone who is treating my friend badly. Why do you want me to be friends with him? I’d rather not be friends than lie.”
A few months rolled by and I moved to San Diego, upon my arrival she called me up to tell me how excited her mother was and that they planned on going bowling which made me feel uncomfortable; I told her I didn’t want it to be a “big” deal; she said that we would all go to a casino. This still had me uneasy, and I told her “idk if it’s a good idea to meet everyone all at once, I’m afraid of being overwhelmed, can’t we just meet like one by one” - her response was that her mother was looking forward to it, so I felt bad and sucked it up for her mother’s sake. We all met at the Casino, I observed as I have always observed people; her husband didn’t seem all that bad of a guy, he showed love and affection. I knew that in-front others how significant others can be vs in privacy; but I still asked her about it - she replied “I know, he never does that, it was weird to me.”
They invited me to her mother’s husbands graduation party at a beach about a month later; this is where I really thought I f*cked up. I hadn’t eaten all day, and I brought alcoholic beverages; and I remember observing everyone when I played corn hole , my thought was ‘how could nobody see the pain my friend is in’ - and it was at this point my mind shot into my past, it was like my physical self was there but my mind was reacting to things in my past.
Long story short - I F*CKED UP
The following day I apologized to every single person; she forgave me. Her brother forgave me. Her family forgave me. This was the first time in my life that anyone’s accepted me - for the good and bad...
June2017 About two weeks later, she invited me to her cousins condo; I told her I wasn’t going to drink, I didn’t care if they did but I wasn’t going to. Her cousin had her best friend there, and she had me; they asked me to bring the drinks which I did, and since we were going to be in the hot tub of the condo complex, I picked up large SMART waters, I insisted that they hydrate which I was made fun of for by them. I felt a little embarrassed but I tried not make too much of it. We must’ve been in the hot tub for hours which my “friend” would continually tell me how her cousin wanted me which I wondered ‘why’re you’d telling me this? I don’t think she wants you to be telling me, that’s her business’ but finally we were able to get out, her cousin and her best friend left ahead of us and she whispered to me “meet me in the bathroom once they’re out of sight” - I was uncomfortable but she was intoxicated so I was careful because if everything she had shared with me throughout the friendship was true, I didn’t want to upset her.
When they left, and my “friend” went into the bathroom I stayed outside of the bathroom, stood there for a while when I heard her cousins best friends voice, I pretended like I didn’t know where his voice was coming from so I pretended to look around to buy myself some time, and thank god I did because by the time her cousins friend left, she came out of the bathroom and we headed upstairs.
She and her cousin went to her cousins mother’s room to do whatever females do and I found refuge on the outdoor patio talking with her cousins best friend, up until her cousin came out “ ———— wants you to give her a massage” I asked “huh?” And she repeated herself and couldn’t pretend like I hadn’t heard her. So I figured okay, we’ll talk and I’ll go home, but when I got to the room she was on her stomach still in her bathing suit and asked for a massage; I was uncertain but I thought that’s what friends do, I didn’t want to be a bad friend, this is the first person that’s understood me, so I was willing to just give a massage, she told me to lock the door and I figured well her cousins best friend is here so kind of makes sense.
I gave her a massage and then she wanted me to turn off the lights, I obliged, and I asked her because I had never been in this situation before “uh do you want me to go home, cause I can go home?” She told me she wanted to sleep, and considering she was my best friend, and she’s here with her cousin and cousins best friend, I didn’t want to be a bad friend and leave my friend there all by herself. So i took off my shirt and I laid as far left as possible since she was on the right side of the bed. I tried falling asleep, and then her cousin knocked on the door and holy crap, I felt like an idiot, trying to put my shirt back on thinking to myself ‘oh for fcks sake, hurry up, this probably looks bad, and it’ll look even worse the longer you take, for fcks sake the tshirt is on inside out, screw it!’ And I unlocked the door, her cousin came and laid in my original spot, putting me in the middle.
As her cousin was talking and I was responding, my mind going crazy, screaming at me ‘GTFO if there you f*cking idiot, RUN and don’t look back’ - all of a suddenly that screaming was interrupted by my “friend” groping my junk, sliding her hands in my shorts and stroking - ‘really? Your cousin is right there! Wtf?!’ So I had to shift my body, not wanting to make a scene, I was beyond uncomfortable, her cousin was trying to talk to me while my “friend” is going to town with her hand with my junk and carrying a conversation and attempting to not react or show any uncomfortableness is extremely hard. I accidentally said “idk” quickly when her cousin asked “should I go back and take care of my best friend?” Because it’s not my house, I can’t tell anyone what to do.
Her cousin left and my “friend” stopped, I rolled to the left side and tried to go to sleep, didn’t work cause next thing you know, my “friends” decision to not hydrate caught up, she was feeling unwell and I was worried, I attempted to make her feel better I went out to get water and crackers to get some food in her belly and hydration into her body. When I came back, she was hugging the porcelain god, naked, i didn’t know when I came around the corner, I thought she was puking, but not naked!
I shot back around and came extremely close to just leaving but that’s not what a friend would do? Is it? I took a deep breath tried to drown out my screaming thoughts of ‘RUN! RUN YOU STUPID MOTHERF*CKER!!!! RUN!!!’ and I went back, I gave her the water she refused, put the crackers by the bed on the nightstand with the water she had refused, as she was hurling into the porcelain god, I found a plastic trash bin and placed it at the side of the bed, I then found her toothpaste and toothbrush and set it up, attempted to get her to brush her teeth so the after taste of throw up wouldn’t cause her to puke again; she refused and continued hurling; I held her hair.
She sat back, and started to apologize; I told her “it’s okay, don’t worry about it, it’s fine” while thinking ‘I NEED TO GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE. No, that’s not what a best friend would do, you have to make sure she’s okay’. I don’t know how much time went by, but she finally stopped and drank some water, she ignored the toothbrush even after I attempted to explain why she should. I escorted her to bed, and I was afraid she was going to die, dehydration from the alcohol AND the hot tub, I stayed up all night, laying down on the left side away from her but whenever she seemed to move to see if I was there, I moved my foot to touch hers to let her know I was there, whenever she sat up I sat up to support her, she couldn’t find the water, I found it for her, she couldn’t find the trash bin, I got it for her. She ate a cracker and I realized my mistake, saltine crackers were a bad idea, salt dehydrates too...
I don’t know when I fell asleep but I finally fell asleep just as the sun was rising and soon her cousin woke me up and I laid there with my eyes closed looking toward the window away from everyone in the room. When everyone started moving, I shot up and went to the balcony outside to smoke a cig. I smoked and sat there, reflecting on what all went on, I took a deep breath and thought I made an okay decision being there for my “friend” my “best friend”, when I saw her cousin in the kitchen I came back in and she and her cousin asked me to go out to get some breakfast; I obliged and when I got back said she was going to school, and that I would stay and hang out; I told her “it’s okay, I can go home” her cousin replied with “no no it’s okay, it’ll give y’all time to hangout and she won’t have to be here alone”
(Mind you all morning my “friend” was “sleepy” and “unwell”)
I said “uh okay”
No more than 30 seconds went by and my “friend” came out all full of energy and suddenly feeling “well”. She became sexual and I reciprocated making out, but then she asked me to have sex with her. I was uncomfortable and she knew it, four times I said No, and she continued asking; remembering all of the times she told me how ugly she felt, unimportant, irrelevant, invisible she was to her husband and family, she was also accepting of me, and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize this friendship... I gave in... for fear of being shunned and kicked to the curb had I not…
I didn’t climax... felt like a chore... Started to get a headache so I pretending to get tired and we stopped.
I left and went to sit on the couch... ...she came over and sat next to me... Her eyes all bright and big asking “so how was it? How was it?”
...I didn’t tell her anything that resembled what she said she experienced at the hand of her husband and family...
...then she went back and laid down saying she was feeling unwell...
...I told her I could leave, she told me not to....
...her cousin finally made it back, and soon I was able to leave, she changed her demeanor towards me and told me I should leave...
... I was okay with it... was tearing me apart...
...on my drive home, she called me up saying “I have to tell ———-“ I was relieved, and I said “as long as you’re honest” this meant I wouldn’t have to tell him...
... about a day went by and she called me up to tell me she had told him, even asked if I could talk to him cause he wanted to talk to me...
...I thought that’d be a bad idea...
...until I found out what she told him...
...that she was drunk and I was sober... She claimed she only told him that because he had a look of “hope” in his eyes...
...I was still unhappy... it wasn’t honest,
...she then said in a tone I’m certain no one in her family had heard her use, “I CAN TELL MY FAMILY YOU RAPED ME, DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?!”... I was floored, I asked her “you’d really do that?” (This is stuff that people do in movies, not real life?) she said “no” in a soft voice...
... she said that was the ONLY thing that was changed in her story...
I was unhappy but I had to take it, right? She said she would accuse me of something much worse?
She called me a few days later, saying she wished she never told him, that she “missed” me, then she told me she told her mother, I asked her if she told her mother the truth or the same story she gave her husband - she said she told the same story she told her husband because she wanted to keep her story straight...
...then she told me that her mother was flipping out on her and about to kick her out, I messaged her mother with the information I had at the time, which she had shared with me... “friend” messaged me screaming, not able to believe I would message her mother, “you couldn’t give it a couple days?!” “Your selfish” - I told her “I messaged because I didn’t want her to kick you out, I wanted her to see your pain, she should be there for you”...
About half a month passed and July2017 My “friend” started messaging me about how much she misses me and how she regrets telling her family about “what happened” - I was unhappy that she would say she was drunk and I was sober and she knew it, she apologized. She asked me to meet her at her lesbian friends house after they came back from a party... I thought it’d be nice to talk with a friendly face... I was living out in Cali with no one... knowing nobody...
So I went over and she came out, got into the car and instructed me to park down the street because she didn’t want her best friend to know I was there...
We sat and talked... the old friendship feeling snuck back and it was refreshing to finally have someone to talk to... she then told me “you said you only had sex with me so I wouldn’t feel ugly” and I didn’t want her to think she was ugly so I tried to let her know that it wasn’t, but she needed proof, and she asked me to have sex with her again - I told her no, she asked again, and I told her i didn’t know, and she asked again and my mind was drawing a blank and all I could think of was “I don’t want the same thing to happen” she assured me with a scoff “oh, it won’t happen” I asked “how do you know?” She replied “because I won’t tell anyone” and I felt cornered, she had threatened to tell her family I had “raped” her when she had yelled at me “IF YOU WANT, I CAN TELL MY FAMILY YOU RAPED ME”, with that threat implied and if I didn’t do it then everything I tried to keep her from feeling the first time would have been for nothing, she would feel those things and I would have been the cause... ... if I didn’t then I surely would be all alone in Cali... one to talk to... friend... falsely accused of “rape” so I gave in... again...
She was blaming me, blaming my mental illnesses for my questions into inconsistencies... like when I’d question her about doing and being with a bunch of other guys while telling me it was all my fault and I was the only one... she would tell me it was her family that was keeping her from talking with me... that they would say this and say that... ...
I had no idea what I was feeling... I was lost... I was empty... ... anxiety... ...depression... ...I went to therapy and the therapist was telling me it was her fault and I’d get into arguments defending my “friend”... to the extent I stopped seeing my therapist... I found myself reliving those moments... ...unable to sleep... I was drowning and grasping for branches... and there was none... it had to be my fault, it had to be me, it had to be my mental illnesses... no human is capable of this... nobody would... I would go to sleep exhausted and wake up even more exhausted... I couldn’t focus on work, I couldn’t focus on classes... if it wasn’t my fault, then I wouldn’t be shunned, ignored, attacked, blamed... She blamed my mental illnesses so it had to be... because nothing else makes sense... a good person wouldn’t do this to another human being... so it has to be me... it has to be my mental illnesses...
I tried killing myself due to being afraid it was my mind...
3 DUI’s in two weeks and on the third - drove my car into two trees and a gas station...
2 months after I tried killing myself...
...I found the truth out with evidence...
...two months after that I found out about NarcissisticAbuse...
...a year later I found out from her husband that she had already basically falsely accused me of r*ping her...
...10 months after that I found out coercion in California is r*pe...
(There are obviously mountainous amounts of details and parts of this “friendship” I didn’t touch, it already got long and I tried keeping it as short as possible)
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If you’re new to Coronavirus research, start here…

Feb 19, 2020, updated periodically...Unfortunately there’s not just one link you can use to get an estimate of the real numbers of infected, or of the seriousness of this outbreak, and you will have to do some digging of your own. But here are a few points to consider and research for yourself:

The basics

Other reasons why we don't believe the official numbers

What leaked videos and social media posts have shown us has happened in China

A 4-minute quick intro: /CoronavirusFOS/comments/fgk1b9/covid19_deus_ex_coronavirus_clip_compilation/

What else is happening in China

The Unknowns

What's happening outside of China

Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

There’s much more that can be posted here, but that's enough topics to get you started on your own research. I really doubt this is going to be disappearing in a month or two. If any readers have a source or video link etc., or additional points they you'd like me to add, just reply to this message, or send me a private message if you prefer. Thanks for reading!
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M29, no degree, no direction, stuck working fast food

I spent the last year living in Las Vegas,. working at a casino making good money.
In January my ex left me at my absolute lowest duri6a depresed episode and in February my landlord, her mom, decided to sell the house she was renting me.
March came and I lost my job to COVID, so I had no choice but to.move back home to San Diego with my parents.
So this is my current situation, I'm 29, living at home with my parents.
I just started a new job, a pizza place, on Monday.
It's only been one week at this job, but I'm already exhausted and burnt out. I wake up sore and achy every morning and already have a "I don't want to go to work" mindset.
The fuck is wrong with me? Why can't I just deal with it and work like everyone else?
It's like no matter what job I try I get really exhausted, physically and mentally really easily and I just dread having to deal with workplace politics and customers, etc. I'm diabetic and have neurofibromatosis, so standing on my feet and being active in front of a hot oven all day is draining on me.
I just want a quiet office/work from home job that's not taxing on me.
The problem is with no degree, not even an associate's I don't have the qualifications for anything other than these dead end fast food jobs. I've never known what aive want to do "when I grow up" I didn't know in high school, and even now I don't know what I want.
I want to go back to college, but I'm considered "out of state" student until next year because I JUST moved back to California.
I don't know what to do, any job I could realistically get is physically taxing on me and Im so tired/sick feeling on my days off it's as if they don't even happen.
How do I get out of this? I feel like I'm trapped,.I'm almost 30, living at home with no degree and no clue what I want to do.
How can I figure out what I want to do for a job/careemajor and how do I even get there when I'm stuck working so much just to survive.
I hope this all makes sense, I'm not great at articulating things and I'm feeling sick to my stomach thinking about work tonight.
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[TIMELINE] Analyzing The Past to Predict the Future - Everything We Should Consider on the Road to GTA VI

[TIMELINE] Analyzing The Past to Predict the Future - Everything We Should Consider on the Road to GTA VI
[QUICK MOD NOTE] This post was originally posted by Lenlfc on GTAforums, original post here. ALL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR ALLOWING ME TO DO THIS. It's extremely detailed and extensive, but it also gives a full look at previous leaks and speculation about GTA V, RDR 2, and the upcoming GTA VI. It's well worth your read if you're at all interested in speculation and leaks for GTA VI, considering it has a lot of information about how Rockstar has done things in the past, and how they may do things with GTA VI. It also has all of the confirmed information we have for GTA VI, like everyone has been asking for. Enjoy!
LENLFC will also be updating his original GTAForum's post often when new, reliable information comes out that is worth adding to his timeline.
TL:DR: This is very long. Please don't be mean if you think I went too far. I just wanted to be as detailed as possible, and compile as much evidence and proof as possible, so we can work out the most accurate and likely scenario. I've never done anything like this before. So please be kind.
Hi. So, Red Dead Redemption 2 has come and gone. Feels like forever we waited for it. Hard to believe it released almost 4 months ago. It's that time when many of us will start looking forward to the next Rockstar game. I have been on this site since the first leaks for GTA V popped up online. In that time, I have watched fairly quietly, barely getting involved. I've read a lot, and enjoyed it all, but never actively helped out. I want to warn you all that this post will be pretty lengthy, and as I'm not a regular poster, my formating or writing may not be the best. But I'm a big fan of Rockstar Games, and have a weird fascination with remembering small things. So I wanted to try my best to compile everything we know about how Rockstar go about making their games, what they have done in the past and do some crazy conspiracy theory like deducing to try to predict when, where and how we can find clues to GTA VI, and when they may announce or release it.
Firstly, I'd like to credit and thank Dan Dawkins. Many of you may not know who he is, but long story short, he's a journalist, and back in July 2011 he wrote an article in the magazine PSM3. In the article he predicted many things about GTA V (some correct, some incorrect) he researched all the available data and pooled it together, and used that to speculate about GTA V. That was a massive influence on me growing up, on how to speculate responsibly and use common sense to work out where a game or series may go next. So thank you, Dan!


Now, onto the main topic. What do we know about GTA VI? Not a lot. Dan Houser recently said that they're thankful they're not releasing GTA VI while Trump is in office. While he's never actually quoted as saying they won't release it while Trump is in office, I think journalists used that for a catchy headline. But the point remains. GTA is heavily based on British satire of USA. The current political climate makes it very difficult for them to do this. If we take it literally, GTA VI won't release until 2021 or 2025, depending on how long he is in office. Unless I have my dates wrong. I'd be willing to bet they had 2021 in mind. However, my personal take on this was that Dan simply meant "thank god we're not releasing GTA VI in 2018" And knowing it'l take them years to even release their next game, Trump will no longer be President.
We also know Rockstar Games will make another GTA. And that is about it. If there is anything else concrete, that we know, that I have missed please let me know.


Here's where we start digging and look to the past, what Rockstar has done before and try our best to work out their timelines and how they go about things. Now, in order to do this, I'd like to begin with GTA V, as that is when Rockstar Games transitioned into the one big game every 5 years, as opposed to the game every year studio.
April 20th 2009 the first ever build for GTA V was created. I'm not sure if this is when development officially began, or just the date of the first build. Either way, I doubt there is much difference. They were busy working on TBoGT at that point, having just released TLaD 2 months prior. This was discovered from the Build Log. I will go into detail on this later. However this wasn't discovered until 2014, I just thought it was worth putting here to stamp the timeline.
The earliest rumors for GTA V began on July 26th 2010, with reports of Rockstar researching locations in and around Hollywood. Rockstar declined to comment on this, saying they don't comment on "rumors and speculation". To this day we still don't know if this was legit, or otherwise. However the game did end up being set in Los Santos. So it was either true or coincidentally correct.
Next came the domain name leaks on February 25th 2011. That date might be off by a couple of days, but the original GTA V Leak Topic has it dated to the 25th. (Fun fact, this is the leak and topic where I signed up to GTAForums!) Very GTA sounding website names. After GTA IV introduced the internet to us, it was no surprise to think GTA V would expand on that, and the domain names registered sounded right out of a GTA game. This was proven true, as the websites did appear in game.
On March 8th 2011 more fuel was added to the GTA V fire, when the codenamed "Rush" casting call was leaked online. Like the website, they sounded like something out of a GTA game.
This was further expanded on the 29th of March when Take Two put out a private casting call, further hinting at development on GTA V being well underway.
October 5th 2011 In an Asked & Answered article, 2 users asked about the next GTA, with Rockstar replying with the following
“When are we going to see a new GTA????? #bestgameever” - received via Twitter“When's the new grand theft auto coming out?” - received via Twitter
Big, big shout to all Grand Theft Auto fans worldwide who we know are anxious to hear about what’s next for the franchise but we don’t have any news at this time.All we can say is, right now, we’re focused on our next upcoming releases which are Max Payne 3 as well as L.A. Noire for PC, Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition and Max Payne for mobile devices. When and if we have anything to report regarding the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you know that we’ll do so here at the Newswire or on our Twitter or Facebook.
And then it happened. GTA V was officially announced on October 25th 2011 at 12pm BST, linked below.
This announcement came only 20 days after saying the above on October 5th 2011
This goes to show that Rockstar can say one thing, then surprise us weeks later.
The first trailer then debuted on November 2nd 2011
Everything past this point, until release I feel is not relevant to this discussion. It is more to do with post announce schedules and marketing, and when to expect news or updates or trailers for an already announced major game. If this topic does well, I could add it, or put it in a spoiler box so it's optional detail. Otherwise the next points worth talking about come into play upon release, and where Rockstar go after this.
September 17th 2013 GTA V finally releases. We rejoice.
October 1st 2013, two weeks after the launch of GTA V GTA Online launches.
This is where it gets interesting and complicated. We know now that their next game was Red Dead Redemption 2. However, Rockstar weren't finished with GTA V. Many people claim that Rockstar stopped caring about their fans and gamers, citing images like these
You can actually pinpoint the year Rockstar discovered microtransactions.
Now, I bring these up, as it is important to understand just how Rockstar now operate. Love it or hate it, but GTA Online has allowed Rockstar to not release games as often. Allowing them to work on one game as Rockstar Studios, where they all work together, instead of separate teams, like Rockstar North (GTA) and Rockstar San Diego (RDR) for example. The income from GTA Online has seemingly allowed them to spend 5 years working on Red Dead Redemption 2, perfecting a masterpiece. Allowing them to make the game they wanted, and allowing them to take all the time necessary to innovate and make a living breathing world even more so than GTA V did.
Some time in January 2014 the GTA V Build Log was found. Apparently it was on the game disc, and dedicated fans dug into the files and found it. I bring this up, as it reveals some key interesting details. such as the date of the first GTA V build/when GTA V development began. This is important as we can use this information later to try to work out when they may start their next project.
Throughout 2014 Rockstar were hard at work developing the PC, PS4 & Xbox One versions of the game. I don't know how much work that would be, but they weren't simple upres versions of the game. They included new features and plenty of big enhancements. The PC version was delayed into 2015 for added polish. And leslie Benzies took a sabbatical on September 1st, for 17 months.
The next key detail to note is from January 2016, I think. Leslie Benzies leaves Rockstar North. I feel this is important to note, as it could have delayed a lot of Rockstars plans, as a lot of staff left with him, Rockstar would go on to deal with a lawsuit which could only be an unnecessary distraction. There was a topic here on GTAForums discussing it. Needless to say the whole situation was pretty shady and the details don't really matter too much.
Rockstar had also planned single player DLC for GTA V, multiple datamines suggested 3 packs, as well as Ash735 on Neogaf confirming this. We can take this with a grain of salt, but if it were made up, then it's a pretty dull and uninteresting thing to make up.
They had also promised Heists for GTA Online, which was quickly becoming very popular. I personally believe (And this is where speculation begins) that the SP DLC was the unfortunate victim in all of this. They HAD to get the next gen versions out, as if you're launching an online game, you can't rely on players sticking with old consoles when the next gen consoles launch only 2 months after GTA Online launches. They had to get Heists out, which were promised before the entire game even released. More so than the SP DLC, which was just a closing line on a Newswire article, albeit multiple times. And development on their next game ramping up, going into full production, combined with the restructuring of Rockstar North due to Leslie Benzies leaving... SP DLC may have been an unfortunate victim.
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
GTA V launches on PS4 & Xbox One on November 18th 2014
PC version launched on April 14th 2015
Rockstar Games are now done with development on GTA V, now solely focusing on GTA Online updates, in terms of Grand Theft Auto
April 3rd 2014 Thanks to @EVOLUT7ON for bringing this to my attention. In a Q&A with DJ Whoo on BallerStatus, he allegedly reveals he will be in the next GTA, which will be in Liberty City again. BallerStatus. And thanks to iNero for his topic.


August 2013 Roger Clark's first day on set, for Red Dead Redemption 2
Roger Clark: "My first day on the project was in August of 2013. With the context of this particular installment, I was the first to come on, apart from Rob and Ben who worked on the previous chapter."
4th September 2014 Rockstar San Diego start hiring for next gen consoles. They allegedly went on a hiring spree for an upcoming project. Which we would later find out to be Red Dead Redemption 2.
December 11th 2014 Actor Jorge Consejo posts a selfie on Instagram, wearing a typical mocap or performance capture suit. However it doesn't match the one used in GTA V
September 2015, [Original Source] Rockstar started hiring for more jobs. They seem to relate to a stealth based game, but so far they haven't released anything that would indicate what they were hired for.
Then the leaks start happening...
November 29th 2015 An ex Rockstar employee hints that RDR2 is their next project. The infamous “Really, Dumbass. Really? Two“ comment by Danny Ross, on Reddit. Archive of actual post
April 13th 2016 the map for RDR 2 leaks on NeoGaf. This was unprecedented. The map for a huge open world Rockstar Games game has never leaked online 6 month before the game was even announced. Link to the map.
October 18th 2016 Rockstar finally announce Red Dead Redemption 2, after teasing in the days leading up to the 18th.
July 27th 2017 Stuntman, Tim Neff's online resume leaks that he worked on RDR2 and GTA VI. He denied involvement in RDR2, but claimed he worked on GTA V, and that it was a mistake. He also had personal instagram photos from Rockstar San Diego, with captions strongly suggesting he was there for work. He denied it, saying it was just a photo taken outside that anyone could take. He quickly removed them. He was not credited in GTA V, but by RDR2's release he is indeed credited in RDR2.
Friday September 29th 2017 A reddit user posted a thread mentioning a recent leak which had been deleted. I do not know the date that it was originally posted. But it was over a year before the game released. And was entirely accurate. these leaks will serve a purpose later on.
December 25th 2017 GTAForums User @Jabalous brings to our Attention the actor Jorge Consejo, his previously mentioned Instagram selfie, and his CV/Resume. Which mentions min being in GTA 6, playing the role "The Mexican" (Featured).
CGI meaning motion capture work, etc.
In April of 2018, I'm not sure of the date, maybe the 18th? The article has since been removed. But I copied the article into a notepad file. published an article based of a memo and some notes about the game. They claimed to have received this information in August 2017, but didn't post it due to fears it was fake. It wasn't until Rockstar released a screenshot that matched one that they had also received that they decided to publish this information, now believing it to be genuine. Here is an image of the text copy of the article (reddit formatting issues)
November 1st 2018 Rockstar sue TrustedReviews for £1M Essentially proving the leak to be true. Although the game itself proves it to be true, it's interesting that Rockstar sued for that much. Or sued at all.
January 6th 2019 Rockstar start hiring for next generation
Rockstar's career opening page - Credit to @el carlitos for that one!
-----------------------------------------------Unconfirmed Speculation-----------------------------------------------
January 30th (Specific date still debatable) Film Florida have guest Leah Sokolowsky on their podcast. She briefly mentions a recent change in her work
Recently as you're aware we've had a change in the types of productions that are coming to our state. So I've also been very fortunate to get a large client that has hired me to arrange basically site tours and visits. It's uh digital media company. And I've signed an NDA so I can't disclose who it is. But they've been exploring various areas of our state, and of other states in the south east. And I've been planning and arranging those visits for their personnel and that's been kind of a very interesting expansion of what I normally do, as well.
Here's the link to that quote.
It's suggested this is Take Two Interactive/Rockstar Games, as a reddit user claimed on October 6th 2019 scouts were looking around his area, and asked for permission to take photographs of the building. Which was later followed up by a photograph of an alledged document/contract as proof on October 8th 2019
-----------------------------------------------End of Unconfirmed Speculation-----------------------------------------------
February 13th 2019 VP of product development Jeronimo Barrera departs Rockstar Games after 20 years. This might not seem anything significant, but it's one of his quotes that I think it very important.
"If I had stayed at Rockstar it would have been more GTAs, more RDRs and less of this other stuff going on out there right now." While that is nothing concrete. It does indicate that Rockstar will be working on Red Dead and GTA for the foreseeable future. That won't surprise many of us, but it's just a little detail that gives us hope that GTA is next, and not another franchise like Bully, L.A. Noire or Max Payne, for example.
April 18th 2019 a former Rockstar India employee has mention of creating vehicles for GTA V and upcoming GTA 6 in his artstation resume Thanks to ApolloThunder's post.
Now those are the most important details I feel. Now I may have missed some other details people might find important. In August of 2017 the stunt actor Tim Neff was involved in a alleged leak for RDR2 & GTA 6. It was quickly 'debunked' Although many believed there were holes in the methods used to debunk it. And his removal of Instagram photos taken at Rockstar San Diego was suspicious to many users. I do not believe it holds enough water to use it as any evidence. But we can use it to speculate.
July 9th 2019 Jorge Consejo likes and quotes a tweet about him being in GTA 6

Now We Use All This Information to Speculate

The first clues we should look for are reports of Rockstar scouting locations. We know from articles and or interviews that Rockstar take thousands of photographs when creating their worlds, so any reports of Rockstar Staff i researching locations should be a very good indication. However, they can be very secretive.
Same goes for Rockstar or Take Two registering domain names or sending out casting calls. So far we've heard nothing of the sort. again, we don't always hear these things. I don't recall hearing anything about casting for RDR2 at any point between 2012 & 2016.
Combined with the fact that Rockstar only just released RDR2 4 months ago. I think it's pretty safe to sat development on their next game hasn't fully begun yet, or will do very soon. If we look back to the build log for GTA V, they created the first build on April 20th 2009. pretty much one year after GTA IV released. By that logic the first build for GTA VI would have been created in September 2014, right? Well, considering they had to work on the next gen and PC versions for so long. I'd wager they started much, much later. We know that these days Rockstar operate as Rockstar Studios, all working together on one game at a time. But if the NeoGaf user is to be believed, pre production for GTA VI began in 2012, which is actually entirely believable. As Rockstar began work on RDR2 almost immediately after RDR1. "In early 2011, Dan began chatting with Rockstar San Diego about how Red Dead Redemption 2 would look and who the characters would be. Late that summer, he says, he had a “broad outline and rough flow of the game defined.” By fall 2012, his team had completed rough scripts for many of the game’s missions and started doing read-throughs on video conference calls with directors of game play, art design, and animation from Rockstar offices around the world. " Source
Now, unlike Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto is not a game about specific characters, like RDR is with John and Dutch's gang. So It's safe to say after GTA V, the Housers did not sit down and come up with scripts or ideas for GTA 6 revolving around those characters. But never say never. They could use this as an opportunity to bring back Michael Franklin & Trevor, working of some of the ideas for the Story DLC for GTA V, instead of scrapping it entirely. For the first time ever, GTA could be a direct sequel using the same protagonists. This however, I believe to be incredibly unlikely. But I thought it was worth mentioning.
So, they've finished RDR2. What Are Rockstar doing now? I believe they're hard at work on the PC version of the game. Many people don't believe it will release on PC, citing the fact that RDR1 never released on PC as evidence. I don't believe that is fair, as we know RDR1 was a mess, and was in such a bad state that they were lucky to release it at all. Rumours and alleged leaks stated the game was a coded mess, and they weren't willing to go through all the hassle of porting it to PC. We also know PC games typically have a high paracy rate, and Rockstar aren't fond of spending all that development time and cost on such an effort for little reward. Here's a clip of Lazlow talking about releasing their games on PC, and joking wanting to make their money back first. It's from 2010, right before RDR1 released. I think he was making a joke, but hiding the truth in there. Which leads me to believe that RDR2 could come to PC, but in order to make their money on that, also release it on PS5 & the Next Xbox, like they did for GTA V. Considering the gap between GTA V on PS3 & 360 and GTA V on PC (19 months) we could see a similar gap with RDR2 on PC. If that is the case, we could see a PC release in May 2020. At which point next gen consoles would likely have been announced, assuming Sony repeat their February reveal as they did with PS4. Or soon to be revealed at E3 a month later. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that they re release on Next gen with native 4K on PS5, higher frame rates, or other enhanced features. Next gen consoles will be backwards compatible, but if they want to keep RD Online going, a newer version with higher player counts could be a good option.
Speaking of next gen consoles, until specs are set in stone, I don't think Rockstar will announce anything. Dev Kits are allegedly being sent to some developers right now. Sony first party studios are already working on PS5 games. Guerilla, for example. I'd wager Sony's relationship with Rockstar is a good bet to think they have them, too. So, what does this mean?
Well, let's look at when Rockstar announced RDR2. 18th October 2016. 18 months after the PC release of GTA V, 3 years, 1 month after the initial release of GTA V. Lets assume they stick to a similar pattern, both GTA V & RDR2 were announced in October. It could be a good bet for what month to expect an announcement. However, GTA IV was announced in May 2006, with Peter Moore's infamous Tattoo. So...
Now let's look at when Rockstar started hiring for RDR2, which was September 2014. It took them 2 years to announce their next game. And they had the base map planned out within 19 months. We just don't know when the photo of the map was taken, just when it was leaked to the public (april 2016). But we do know Rockstar always start with the world. For GTA V, that discussion started as GTA IV was wrapping up – almost five years ago – although the latest game has been in full production for just three years.
“It comes from the idea first,” Benzies tells us in his office at the studio.
Where is it going to be set is the first question. Then that defines the missions; you’re doing different things in LA than in New York or Miami. The map and story get worked up together, and the story is a basic flow of how it works out so you can layer the missions in. Source
I think we can safely say that Rockstar already know where the game will be set, and Aaron Garbut is already hard at work at creating a concept of a map. If he hasn't already.
Based of that information, I'd say Rockstar are hiring for their next game, which will be PS5 and Next Xbox exclusive, Likely to be GTA 6, and will need 2 - 3 years of development before they are able to reveal it with a trailer. Putting the game at a 2021 - 22 reveal, with a 2023 - 24 release. I do believe the upcoming generation, and Rockstars desire to outdo themselves every time will only slow them down. Their games take so long to develop, and I can't see them putting out GTA 6 in the same timeframe as GTA V, from GTA IV. More likely to be similar, if not longer than GTA V to RDR2.

The Leaks

Remember when I said the leaks would serve a purpose later on? I find it highly suspicious that Rockstar had leaks as substantial as they had for RDR2, when they never had anything to that level before. They are usually incredibly watertight. So let's speculate as to why...

The Benz.

Isn't it strange how such a long time influential figure at Rockstar North was fired, and then leaks start popping up for their next game? It's no secret that there was more to his firing that we initially thought. Things went really bad between The Benz and The Housers. I think when he left the company, and many of his staff left, too. A lot of disgruntled employees may has decided to spill the beans on their next game out of spite. The entire game map leaking 6 months before the game was even announced, Epilogue spoilers down to finite details such as building a house or birthing a foal? Way too specific, and that's never happened for a Rockstar game before. I just find that suspicious.
So, why is that relevant to GTA 6? Well, it may end up not being relevant at all. But then I remembered the leak from last year, that stated GTA 6 was set in Vice City. Back then, I didn't believe it at all, as it was way too detailed for a game that wasn't even announced, and wouldn't be announced for at least 2 more years. Likely double that. Plus why did they choose The Know? And an anonymous source is always suspicious. But hey, nobody would be dumb enough to give their actual identity if it were legit.
But then I started thinking a while ago, at how detailed the RDR2 leaks were, and maybe, just maybe the person who tipped off The Know was legit, and the info was based of what was in pre production from 2012 [Unofficial Source]. The more I thought about it, I realized that Vice City, with the concept of crossing the border to South America is a simple enough concept that could have been decided upon during pre production (the world is the first thing they decide, remember?)

Why Vice City

2 reasons why it's starting to feel like a likely location. Reason one, GTA Online. They introduced businesses and gunrunning into GTA Online, and a lot of people enjoy that stuff. Vice City would be a great location to create content around that concept. I don't believe Rockstar would pick a location based on what would make Online popular, but after GTA Online's huge popularity after GTA V, they'd be stupid to ignore it. Reason 2 was the quote Dan Houser gave about not releasing GTA 6 during Trumps presidency. Again, I believe it's taken a little out of context, but it's his words about satirising America is what caught my eye.
"Both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant, and very angry. It is scary but it’s also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally to veer towards the absurd," Houser said. "It’s hard to satirize for those reasons. Some of the stuff you see is straightforwardly beyond satire. It would be out of date within two minutes, everything is changing so fast." Source
Then there was this quote from Leslie Benzies, also covered in The Knows video:
IGN Source
Any chance that Vice City might return in a future GTA?
It is always a possibility. There are a few references to the city in our current-gen GTAs so it is part of that HD universe, and it is certainly somewhere we would love to revisit. However Vice City, perhaps more than any other GTA game, was as much about the era as the setting. Miami in the 1980’s is so iconic it would feel strange to revisit the city in a different time period.
exploring grand theft auto vice citys lasting impact on gamer culture with rockstars leslie benzies city cover. Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context reimagining Vice City would be very interesting.
So according to Rockstar, albeit someone who is no longer at Rockstar, it would be strange to go back to Vice City in a modern day setting. If you combine that with what Dan Houser said about parodying America today, and how difficult that would be, is it possible that the next game could be set in the past? Again, combining those quotes, with alleged leaks, and the possibility for fun and exciting gameplay and Online experiences... Vice City is an incredibly likely setting.
The only problem is GTA 6 going into pre production in 2012. If the location was decided upon then. It would either be a happy coincidence, or they may have changed the location. Or, it never was Vice City, and this speculation is clever, but ultimately wrong.
One key piece of information is the Neogaf user, who allegedly states that it WON'T be Vice City. Citing that production notes going around when he still worked there stated possible locations and concepts. And that it is likely one of the 4 options listed in the quoted thread.
Small town gta - tight stories, scheduled characters, ridiculous levels of ambience, every home interior modelled. Every building enterable. More realism - if your wanted you are on the run for a while.
Vegas 1970s- CASINO?
Somewhere snowy - chicago/detroit
Mexico City
You have to consider that what they may have decided in 2012 changed, due to the popularity of GTA Online. They could have chosen a smaller, more detailed interactive world. But due to Online, decided they needed a larger world. Or the location wasn't right due to modern politics and ability to satarise, etc.
I do think GTA could return to the past eventually. Sam Houser has an incredible knowledge of pop culture, and is very intelligent. It would work well for them to go back to an older setting for a GTA game again. That isn't proof of that, or even a solid reason for them to do a prior setting. His knowledge can be used in any setting, past or present. But it's an interesting piece of information to think about.
Another possibility is Dan's words were as simple as GTA 6 won't release while Trump is in office, and therefore GTA 6 will be set in the present day, but by then the political climate may have settled down, or they think/hope things will be different by then, and what they choose to parody will be easier. i don't know.

How about Las Venturas?

For the past few months, I've been thinking about the possibility of GTA 6 being set in Las Venturas. It's one of the locations mentioned as a possibility by @Ash_735 It's also a location that would be quite large, although not hugely diverse. However creative freedoms could solve that. If they return to a past setting as theorised. Then Las Venturas in the 70's or 80's could be seen as a pretty cool option. Like a lot of people, I'm a fan of Joe Rogan. Recently he had a guest on his podcast, Bob lazar. Whether you believe him or not is irrelevant. But he tells some interesting stories about working near Area 51, and working on alien UFO's. that really got me thinking... Wouldn't that be a perfect location for Rockstar to have some fun with? GTA V and RDR2 both featured UFO easter Eggs. There was a lot of mysteries tied to Mt. Chiuliad and Fort Zancudo. Can you imagine Area 69 returning, and what Rockstar may do with that? Now I fully understand that saying they may do a certain location, based of nothing other than easter eggs is a bit silly, but what else do we have? However, it does tie in with the notes (Vegas 1970's Casino?). Before RDR2 we never believed Rockstar would create a game, and build of a previous games map. After RDR2, we now know it's possible. I'm still not convinced they'd do it with GTA, as the GTA series is always an island, whereas RDR1 was a landlocked location. However, it is possible, however unlikely that they could build of Southern San Andreas and go east to Las venturas.
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